Welcome to my personal research environment. I am an old webmaster (these days called a full-stack developer) with over 25 years of experience. I have been working for a couple of international companies as webmaster, web designer, web analyst, web developer, web server administrator etc... I am also maintaining developing designing a website for the fly (2 wings) family Syrphidae. Please have a look at they are in need of attantion!

My hart goes out to the open source community. Yes, I am a proud Linux user for decates and I converted many people around me along the years. You chould try too! Stop using cracked software turn to Linux! You know in the mean time everything is running on linux and co. anyway without you knowing it like phones smart devices and all your social media platforms

WARNING: This website is *never* finished ... but you might find beautiful flowers here. I irregularly play around with the code every now and then and basically do not care if this site is working perfectly. I test new ideas and technology out etc. I try to keep important parts of my website not directly accasible via this front page as up to date as possible.

Click on the different pane titles below to open up their beauty... although not much available right now.

What is happening here? First some explanation. I have a great photo/video management tool where I have stored like 50000+ photos. Inside the tool I can easily tag photo's, add titles and rate them and all this data in an Sqlite3 database.

When you start looking at this page the magick starts: I query the sqlite database and get a random best stared image. Imagick, an imagemagick php frontend, is used to resize the image as they are to big for web usage and to change it into a polaroid style photo and if there was a comment it will be printed on the photo too. The page is using the dojo javascript toolkit to slide in the three images every 4 seconds.